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Acronym: File Service Protocol

Home Page: http://fsp.sourceforge.net (Sourceforge)

License: MIT

FSP is a UDP-based protocol for transferring files. It has many benefits over FTP, mainly for running anonymous archives. It is usable on lines with high packet loss ratio (70% WiFi), can go behind firewalls and unnoticed by port scans (because of UDP), does not overload networks when hosting ISOs or movies, share files on modem lines without eating all of the bandwidth, and keeps lamers away from your site (they don’t know how to get to it). This project is active continuation of the FSP code base (abandoned for the last 5 years). It is currently in beta stage.

(Taken from http://freshmeat.net/projects/fsp with minor changes)

Ports for *NIX and Windows exist.


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