FTP Clients

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Clients that allow the sending and receiving of files with the FTP protocol and can be used as a file sharing tool.

FTP in a Web Browser

Probably the easiest way to use FTP, many web browsers allow for FTP uploading and downloading of files. Usually they are expressed as “<code>ftp://login@server.com</code>” instead of the regular “<code>http://</code>”

Command-Line Software

Basic, textmode FTP is almost ubiquious across Operating Systems.
FTP Mini-Howto | Mirror for textmode FTP clients, commands, and hints.
    • Windows: FTP.exe – accessible in Windows 9x and above, simply chose “Run” from the start menu and type “<code>ftp</code>”. Interface is very similar to UNIX systems and is, in fact, based off BSD‘s FTP tool.
    • UNIX: On almost any system, open a terminal window and type “ftp”. There are better clients, though. For example clients which support readline or colors.

Graphical Software

For users who need to transfer a complex array of files, graphical clients allow picking-and-chosing of individual files easier. Makes the FTP more interactive and simpler.
    • SmartFTP – Feature-rich, free FTP client with SSL support.
    • FileZilla
    • WS-FTP-LE – Lite edition of the WS-FTP software – does most FTP activities without issue.
    • BulletProof FTP – Another popular, but commercial, FTP utility.
    • FlashFXP – Non-free. Supports SSL, FXP and has a straightforward interface.
    • gFTP – besides the CLI version, there is also a GTK+ frontend.
    • SwiftFXP – a GPL client which aims to function/look like FlashFXP.

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