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The future is a time yet to occur. People have opinions about the future that can be easily shaped by propaganda. One important question about the future is the need to develop new technologies to meet human needs.

The mass media have vested interest in fostering public opinion for commercial gain. The business ethos dictates that the role of profit based journalism is conducive to consumer confidence being high and therefore continuing advertisement revenue for their proprietor.

It has been noted that pushing the envelope will break the envelope. The future is therefore likely to be about change and adjustment as more people and communities push and pull. It is possible that the future may be a period of things going from bad to worse. For example in a decade or two, we could have 5 billion people living on less than $2 per day.

One may infer and speculate to make predictions about the future. eg Imperialism Pool. There are many visions which describe or are strongly related to the future such as the following list.

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