Getting Rid Of Spyware

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Table of contents 1 What is spyware?
2 Find and remove

2.1 Software
2.2 Other options

3 Avoiding Spyware
4 Spyware Indexes
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What is spyware?

See: Spyware

Find and remove

  • Spyware test ( – an excellent overview of some of the failures of anti-spyware programs and suggestions on how to proceed.
  • Spyware Removal DIY Guide ( – Easy Step-by-Step Guide: How to remove and prevent Spyware to invade your computer


  • Ad-Aware – An excellent tool to scan for and remove spyware. Very popular. (Free version available.)
  • SpyBot Search & Destroy ( is similar, sometimes removing more than Ad-Aware. (Free)
  • HijackThis ( – another tool that may filter out problems the above tools cannot by listing ALL registry entries (good and bad).
  • XBlock ( – Multi-purpose privacy and anti-spyware tool that targets spyware dialers and keyloggers. Very popular
  • RegBlock ( – Inconulation and scanning tool that removes spyware and keyloggers by making them incompatible with Windows operating system
  • Blockfile ( Blocklist that uses Active X blocking with a simple to use registry file.
  • An excellent review of current anti-spyware tools (
  • BHODaemon ( Tool that shows what browser helper objects are installed in Internet Explorer and provides information about them. Free.

Other options

  • Re-load your Operating System. This can take prohibitively long and will require you to re-install applications, settings etc.
  • A hard drive backup such as Norton Ghost ( which will make a perfect copy of your computer for easy restoration or duplication.

Avoiding Spyware

First, only download rated software from 3rd party Web sites such as (, (, or ( These titles are checked for harmful/annoying extra programs or functionality. Vendor sites will often leave out the ugly details. SourceForge and Open Source programs rarely have included spyware.

Use an alternative browser instead of Internet Explorer until Microsoft fixes all the security holes that allows maliciously crafted websites to install software on your machine without your permission.

Beware of fake cleanup software that actally installs adware or spyware. Use the the trustworthy utilities listed above.

Block spyware sites at your firewall. That way even if you somehow get infected the spying activity results won’t make it to the spyware authors. IP addresses lists related to spyware activities can be found on these sitesĀ : ( ( Antispyware for pf (

Spyware Indexes

Similar programs



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