Good Thing

See also: Good Guys | Bad Thing

The concept of a Good Thing is something which is “fundamentally and obviously Right“: Something is good if it is useful. A good thing can be utilised to help create a sense of well-being and satisfaction. A good thing makes individuals and the community better off.

  • Returning a lost wallet is a Good Thing.
  • Helping an old lady across the street is a Good Thing.
  • Being polite to strangers is a Good Thing.

Often, “Good Thing” refers to a strong or common opinion on something more than to a there being no logical “Good” alternative.

Also, at times a “Good Thing” may be a Dangerous topic:

  • Joining the military to fight for your country is a Good Thing.
  • Fighting terrorism is a Good Thing.
  • Denying such service because of personal beliefs is a Good Thing.


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