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Google Search: Slashdot

Google Quicksearch: (redirects you to the first entry it finds)’m+Feeling+Lucky

Google Safesurf: (screened to help remove adult content)

Google Linux:

Google Stock Symbol Lookup:

Change <tt></tt> to your country code, where applicable. <tt></tt> is for Canada, for example.

<tt>%s</tt> represents the user’s input.

So if I used the keyword “<tt>g</tt>” for the first entry here, I could use “<tt>g my search phrase</tt>” in the location bar to use google to search for <tt>my search phrase</tt>. Simple and powerful.

These quick searches can be modified to include or exclude various codes which Google supports.

For example, <tt>oe=UTF</tt> could be changed to internationalize encoding, and <tt>hl=en</tt> can be changed to internationalize Google’s displayed language.

Or, as with the first quicksearch entry, such codes could simply be left out.

One could even be even more specific about google quicksearches, as seen with:

Google Canada:

Google Canada (Linux):

A determined person could even search for French-Canadian Linux content:

Similar URLS could be used in other browsers which support quicksearches.

Getting a list of all cached pages of a website:


Learning which sites are linking to a website:


TakeDown.NET -> “Google/Quicksearches