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What is it?

A government is the political governing body, which rules a country, region or other jurisdiction. There are many forms of government, and many utopian models for the Perfect Government. All governments create and modify the law of the land, often according to specific ideology.

This page is a central source for Wiki topics related to governments, also related is the Philosophies entry, which describes ideas which often drive and shape government.

At the very least, governments are intended to protect physical security, to prevent abuse and oppression and remove some social chaos, by providing a hierarchy of authority with official formal political activies. There are many political activities that involve communication. Likewise communication can be political by nature. Issues related to surveillance, privacy, education and terrorism can become controversial, with disputes often involving legal activity.

Governments nearly always require the sacrifice of some personal freedom for a greater good. Governments often try to set ethical standards, use advertisements and may have extensive propaganda mechanisms. Government bodies are usually responsible for classification and censorship of various media. Governments can setup various free trade agreements and International Treaties. There are frequently also extensive government intelligence agencies operating in secret. Governments, politicians, and many organizations and industry representatives employ public relations experts to ensure a good image is projected.

Sometimes the people do not like those people who who sit in the honoured “public office” positions and form goverments. Elected leaders usually have mandatory statutory duties that they are required to fulfill by law. They can be punished for not satisfactorily completing their obligations.

A good government is for transparency or accountability. Many people do not trust any government and some don’t believe that a single person has very much to say about how they are governed.


A tribunal is an organized assembly which often includes one or more judges, to conduct community business. This officially chosen hierarchy set up by the government meets to manage activities particularly to examine legal problems. Examples include a war-crimes tribunal, a special court, or even a local village tribunal.

Types of government

Most governments are a blend of different types, because often taking visions to extremes has a negative effect on the people. This should be noted when reading the following topics.

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