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When you want to know more

but don’t know where to look.

IANAL. I am a paralegal, so if you have a legal problem

and want advice, this isn’t the place. Hire an attorney

instead. Research is, however, what paras do, so here

I am sharing things I have found in my research.

A grassroot webblog started by Pamela Jones concering laws and technology/computers. More precise, the current topics are about the company SCO and its’ claims against Linux, its’ developers, the Linux community and companies with which they are currently standing in court against such as Novell, IBM and RedHat.

An overview ( of the current court cases Groklaw follows.

The blog is maintained]by Pamela Jones and a small group of geeks who help her with technical problems. Groklaw is hosted at Ibiblio. Pamela Jones could be considered the benevolant dictator of the website while the contributors are mainly Jones herself, geeks and FLOSS users. For more information about why Groklaw was started see Why Groklaw? (

Groklaw is different than other news and discussion sites concerning the same subjects because Pamela Jones, the owner of the blog, is a paralegal. She has experience in investigating legal cases and spends a lot of time doing so on Groklaw. Also, legal documents ( which contain information about the concerning lawsuits are available on the site to the public. Other visitors are then Free to state their analysis (within limits) on the subjects posted which has resulted in wide number of fruity, in depth contributions of information as well as a wide number of theories.


Other work done by the Groklaw community includes


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