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A term describing an individual who displays characteristics or is in the early stages of being a Real Hacker. These traits include a gift for a number of peripheral hacker skills but not the time or inclination to develop or use the entire package of skills.


Possible personality traits could include:

  • Callous disregard for unjustified and unworthy authority
  • A keen interest in personal freedom and security issues
  • An almost evil appreciation for the entertainment of propaganda.

As with the Real Hacker, the hacker-type will have some set of topics they know an unnerving amount of information on that, in this case, is mainly due to having casual but not zealous interest.

Everything from the classic roleplaying and science fiction interests to artificial language and space exploration may be included in their repertoire.


The hacker-type may frequently be seen to be, almost in frustration, constantly sharpening the saw or, less commonly, hacking around in performing a task indirectly related to their fields of interest. They may also be seen as having an unnatural lust for exploration, learning, or organization not seen in “normal” people.

As with the Real Hacker, the hacker-type has an instinctive and almost profound drive towards the use of wordplay.

The hacker-type is frequently seen in people who have or had what could be considered expert competence in a field which has since become realistically “obsolete” due to new technological or other trends. Thus, many hacker-types are frequently interested and skilled with things which could be considered old school. There are people who are godlike with programming a TRS-80 who couldn’t assemble a contemporary computer.

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