Home Page: http://www.hacktic.nl

A Dutch hacker/phreak group in the Amsterdam area. In 1989-1994 they published a hacker magazine, mostly Dutch with some English articles. Rop Gonggrijp and Paul Jongsma were two of the editors of HackTic. Contributors included BillSF.

The magazine can be download in one file from ftp://ftp.hacktic.nl/pub/various/hacktic/

In 1993 Rop Gonggrijp, Felipe Rodriquez, Paul Jongsma and Cor Bosman created the ISP Xs4all.This was the first ISP in the Netherlands to provide acccess to the general public. In the beginning, it was connected to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

In the summer of 1993 Rop Gonggrijp organised HEU. ‘Hacking at the End of the Universe’ was a 3-day summer conference for hackers, phone-breaks, programmers, cyberpunks and all the other “unshaven techno-anarchistic riff-raff”.

Later some people created klaphek (http://www.klaphek.net) magazine. Klaphek currently still exists.

Other festivals such as Hacking In Progress (HIP97), HIT2000 and Megabit were also organized by volunteers from the Dutch hacker community.


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