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License: MIT

Formerly known as OpenBeOS, Haiku is a POSIX-compliant OS currently in alpha stage. The project goal is currently to become an open source implementation of BeOS R5 (Haiku R1) with BFS compatibility and ABI compatibility, among others (Goals (http://www.haiku-os.org/learn.php?mode=goals)). What happens after this goal is achieved (Haiku R2) is yet to be decided. The Glass Elevator (http://glasselevator.sourceforge.net) (GE) project gives insight to R2 and behind. Its kernel is NewOS, developed by a former BeOS developer.


  • FAQ (http://haiku-os.org/learn.php?mode=faq-normal)
  • Status (http://haiku-os.org/learn.php?mode=status)
  • News (http://haiku-os.org/learn.php)

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