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Used to describe the most extreme activities or members of a sub-culture. For instance, a hardcore hacker may be one who eats, breathes and sleeps coding – someone who does it “harder” than the majority of the sub-culture.

What exactly defines the “hardcore” part of a sub-culture is determined by the members of the sub-culture itself. Sometimes hardcore members or activities are frowned upon by the rest of the sub-culture or wider community as being too extreme, liberal or dangerous. This can damage the sub-cultue’s reputation in the wider community by changing the mainstream perception of the sub-culture’s identity.

On the other hand, sometimes hardcore members or activities are praised by the rest of the community as positive examples or role-models. A heavy, intense deep interest or passion in some activity can be described as hardcore.

Somebody who is hardcore may or may be not radical. In this way hardcore can be seen as a self-constitutional classification.

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