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A system of organising components by layers. In a hierachy part of a group or community is classified by a positive preference. Sometimes such a classification ranges across a spectrum with power increasingly concentrated towards the top of the system.

Hierarchies tend to form into models which are often pyramid like. That is, with at the top of a hierarchy is centrally defined source of authority. Many hierarchies are succeptable to corruption if there are flaws within the underlying structure. In human affairs, authority is often placed with those lacking the ability to manage well.

InfoAnarchy’s hierarchy begins at the Homepage and then branches outward to related subjects and subsequent related subjects. As a human-edited system, it is imperfect but useful. InfoAnarchy tries to avoid a hierarchical system of moderators as there is no one who has power over another, save the Admin to protect against spammers and other entities that harm the wiki system.

Computer processing can be done in a hierarchical manner.

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