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Wikipedia: Hoax

A Hoax is something which should not be trusted, however due to the deception of another, many people are still vulnerable to such trickery. The victim of a hoax should consider themselves unlucky, through their lack of intelligence. Reliable sources of accurate information are needed to remain secure from a hoax which could be considered an attack.

Confabulations are grand hoaxes – elaborately unreal stories created as rationalizations. These are often used to hide or mute the Truth.


  • Email targetting bank customers with a fake website, copied from real banks site to discover and to defraud with, a computer user‘s bank account information
  • Electrical grid to carry high speed data covered in this Wired article.
  • Pretending to collect for charity
  • Chain letters
  • Information that let you damage your own computer (i.e. “delete your Program Files directory for $!”).

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