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A graphical FTP-style file-sharing system. The Hotline software consists of seperate client and server programs. Hotline is similar to DirectConnect however files are only transfered between clients and the server, not client<->client.

The granddaddy of filesharing programs, predating Napster. In the days when it was popular Hotline was mainly used by people with Apple computers. Hotline was originally written by Adam Hinkley, a 16 year old Australian kid in his spare time back in the mid 90’s (around 95 – 96).

Hotline servers are usually home computers. Trackers inform clients of active servers. It contains a chat faculity for trading with the server operator.

HotSprings Inc. has aquired the assets of Hotline Communications Ltd. The Hotline client 1.9 has spyware in it. The client has now been open-sourced. is a new Hotline search engine listing trackers, servers, users and files.

About 95% of the servers these days require a login/pass which you can only get by downloading adware (usually XXX related) or signing yourself up to XXX mailing lists. You will find the odd average person who is hosting a server without any such requirements (and to whom you can download or upload freely) but such people are rare.


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