HP 200lx

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Home Page: http://h20015.www2.hp.com/en/product.jhtml?lc=en&pagetype=pt200lx

The Hewlett Packard 200lx is a true 8086 DOS palmtop featuring a clamshell-style case with a “chicklet” key-style nearly-full keyboard. It has a non-backlit CGA monochrome LCD screen.

A number of people hack their 200lx to crystal overclock it, upgrade internal memory, add backliting or an external headphone jacket.

Because the 200lx natively runs DOS, and even has a multiboot feature, it can easily run any of the tens of thousands of applications available for DOS.

There were some efforts to hack minix to work on the 200lx, with very limited success. Linux will never run on the 200lx, as it requires a 386dx, but ELKS probably will.

HP decided to switch to the Windows CE-supporting palmtops in their HP Jordana-series of palmtops, even though the 200lx was still a moneymaking operation.

Support (sales, repairs, software, advice) may still be found at The Palmtop Paper


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