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These are field names given by Bad Guys with malicious intent. These skillsets not only include illegal activities such as theft of services or breaking and entering but also the propogation of a selfish viewpoint of property.

In past times, these fields were maintained in close-knit circles and taught to few. It was considered a badge of station to know occult information. Over time, there became rivalry in that the knowledge itself became so much of a sign of ability that individuals and groups warred with one another to prove their skill. Members became more active and visible as the oneupmanship grew stronger. The media became publically involved, and the term Hacker came to be commonly known.

In more recent times, the knowledgesets which are encompassed in these fields have become more publically available, with specific thanks to HOWTOs on various subjects. While the internet certainly has helped spread this information, it was certainly not the beginning point of it’s open propogation. While there has been a significant amount of propagation of dated, incorrect or even misleading information, there has leaked and spread enough useful information that the close-knit groups need not be approached to gain the skillsets. These public sources alone are enough to educate the curious to the point of their becoming dangerous. The script kiddie is a recent creation of the dissemination of dangerous information. See also security through obscurity for discussion on the dissemination of information and it’s impact on security.

The obviousness of the threat of this information alone has caused many to speak out against security through obscurity, citing cases where the knowledge of security flaws and techniques to abuse them are not only existant but commonly available for the determined to learn. It is thought by these people that it is safer to arm the public with the knowledge of security problems than to potentially arm Bad Guys by leaving the public unprepared.

  • totse.com – informational text files about hacking, piracy, and anarchy.

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