IA Upgrade

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The old wiki is available here (http://takedown.net/oldwiki/) (read-only). Please make sure to create an account here. Take a look at the help directory (still a bit messy) to understand what MediaWiki has to offer. Wikipedia’s How to edit a page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:How-to-edit-a-page) may also be useful.


  • Fix TD123 Search (see talk).
  • UseMod is case-insensitive. MediaWiki is. If you see a red link where you expect a blue link, it’s probably because of case sensitivity — try altering the case in the link, and then, if you’re logged in, you can move the page to a better title. The Style Guide should be updated to have a good, consistent capitalization standard.
  • Sysop policy development.
  • Image thumbnailing is not yet enabled. Petition (/Talk:Main-Page) here for this feature.
  • The redirect syntax of MediaWiki is “#REDIRECT [[link]]”. Any other syntax will not work.
  • Talk subpages are now obsolete, instead there is a “User-talk:” page for each regular page. Similarly, users now have user pages, and there is a special meta namespace, “iA:”. That namespace should be used for pages about this wiki, e.g. policy pages. This is a process that will take time; please move existing pages accordingly. See: namespaces.

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