Information retrieval

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The study of information systems for indexing, searching, and recalling data, particularly text or other complex forms, like digital video. Information retrieval typically recovers a set of documents or files that match an user‘s queries. A user often then interacts by moderating and refinng a list depending on what they wanted.

The optimum method for information gathering and verification tasks is best probably through social networking, Search Engines or hypermediated peers. Applying this to the internet it would seem that social links on the net should be a good guide for the classification and representation of information for other users. Problems include the distributed and decentralized nature of information online.

With advances in programming, intelligent agents might soon collect the information we desire automatically, especially unknown information and specific knowledge immediately. Other related projects include the Open Directory Project and the Semantic Web.

Issues of authentication, reputation, privacy and security can arise when dealing with information retrieval technology.

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