Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property refers to phonographic material and other intangible information objects. The term refers to the ownership of ideas and control over the tangible or virtual representation of those ideas.It comprises different spheres of conflicting law and regulation such as copyright, patent law, trademarks, trade secrets, designs, personality rights, etc. Design can refer to the features of shape, configuration, or pattern which can be judged by the eye in finished products. Under TRIPS provisions there are exclusive naming protections for geographical regions seeking to trademark a products reputation via its place of origin.

Copyright has been the primary method for protecting intellectual property rights, under the guise of progressing the liberal arts. Intellectual property is no scientific term and should be avoided, instead use exclusivity rights or immaterial goods rights. Because this topic directly relates to freedom and security, it is not uncommonly dangerous.

In a broad sense intellectual property may refer to any information which has been created, shared or consumed by an individual. Since ideas are created from cognitive brain functions, it is each individuals education and understanding of the world that has produced a diversity of new knowledge.

The rush to reward the producers of innovative intellectual property is based on creating a legal framework that gives a limited monopoly on use. These legal rights are supported by a legal framework that allows for these exclusive rights to be given, sold or licensed to third parties. Licensed uses of ideas provide a source of revenue throught the collection of associated fees.

A global system of intellectual property can only exist with international treaties where each country gives equal protection to all material regardless of the jurisdiction from where an artists lives. The WIPO is one the leading organisations assisting with global IP rights.

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