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  1. Referring to the brain
  2. Referring to covertly gathered information


1. Referring to the brain

The use of tools to collect data which upon later verification may be viewed as a fact. Adaptation, problem-solving, creativity, abstract thought, language and memory are all tools that may be used in this regard. A high intelligence is the ability to do a few or all of the above well. A very low capability of one and very high in another is often referred to as an Idiot Savant, such as the clumsy doctorate or autistic human library (i.e. Rainman).

Computers are not really intelligent because they lack creativit] and abstraction. Human intelligence is superior. It is most useful for adjusting to changing circumstances and survival because in part, because humans use intelligence to imagine and invent new concepts, things and processes.

In 1869, Francis Galton, in Hereditary Genius, suggested a genetic basis for intelligence. He established that the science of heredity could be concerned with deviations measured in statistical units. His discovery of the standard deviation gave him the mathematical ability to handle variability and to treat population as a unit of explanation.

Intelligence is not just having information and knowledge that others do not. There are a wide variety of other types of ingelligence such as emotional intelligence, speed, social capability, musical skill, spacial accuity, and individualism, among others. Signs of high intelligence generally include the capability to appreciate beauty, vocabulary and speed of reading, language proficiency, and the mathematically adept. Empathy is also a function of intelligence, part of abstraction from survival and self-involvement.

Because intelligence is frequently subjective, and everyone thinks of themselves as being bounteous of sense and wit, the discussion of intelligence is mostly dangerous. Random ideas or thoughts may become knowledge and when people use their intelligence in a collaborative manner it may lead to greater enlightenment, wisdom, etc.

Organizations of high-intelligence people include Mensa, which promotes Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests, generally considered to be satisfactory but incomplete pictures of human intellect. Practice tests, listening to Mozart, and keeping high-IQ company has been shown to raise your IQ.

2. Referring to covertly gathered information

As related to the intelligence community, or spy organizations. Police and other security agencies collect intelligence in large databases. The information recorded in such archives is often un-verified.

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