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To interact is for one thing to be involved with, or mix with another thing. Interactions may be physical, chemical or biological. An interaction is a dynamic process between real things including between people and machines or other technology. There are also machine-to-machine interactions as well as person to object interactions, like making an observation or measurement.

Interactions are sometimes social at a party. When one partakes in cooperation, collaboration or political activism they interact with others. A simple chat over the telephone or with a chat clients is an interaction. Social networking is a description for the growing number of online services which provide social interaction. Human interactions quickly become complex.

When people interact they might communicate information, ideas, opinions, questions, criticism and feedback between their peers or to anyone for that matter.

When computer users start interacting with a program or any kind of media or software they hope the user interface is designed to be easy to use. Multimedia can be particularly interactive, as can web sites, hypermedia (like wikis) and games especially RPG‘s.

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