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Mattis‘ Theory

The goal: We would like to provide a platform, on which all humans can decide together on the fate of our planet Terra. On this platform everything can develop: For example a common global eParlament and a common global eCourt of Justice as well as a commonly steered and controlled executive could develop there. Necessary communication takes place basically over the world-wide data network. We dare to assume that during a peaceful and brisk process the power could be transferred from the shoulders of few to the shoulders of all. We desire a commonly and fairly determined justice and we believe to be able to create the technical facilities for its development. We believe that the technical presupposing for this are already present to a large extent or could be supplied within short. It is primarily about interconnecting these existing bits in a clever way.

As the first step we would like to connect the Wikis of this world by means of an inter-Wiki. There should be poll-tools at hand of everybody, by means of which everybody can tell everybody his opinion and catch up the opinion of the others to any question. An implementation of the software in PHP seems possible. A next possible step would be the creation of a purely virtual currency, “eTerra”, to displace the irreparably corrupt conventional currencies and to guarantee thus a constant and generally admitted total quantity of money in the world. This is condition for durable world peace.

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