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Inventions are the great things people create. In theory, technological inventions lead to more progress, social or cultural change, and – hopefully – a better future.

In some countries inventions are entitled to a patent to protect legal rights. These rights are granted for their invention on the premise that fostering good ideas is worthy of a contribution from the whole of society. However it is usually those that market innovative products and those who enforce the laws related to intellectual property that profit the most. Copyright is supposed to encourage the development of progress within the arts by protecting the rights of those who create new or innovative content.

Inventions and useful tools are found in many fields and are used in all modern industry. Information technology and biotechnology are areas where research and development (R&D) takes place. Developers are even using materials for the processing of information within organic cells.

Some believe the development of digital communications technology, in particularly microprocessors, has such a great impact that a revolution is underway.

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