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Home Page: http://anon.inf.tu-dresden.de/index-en.html

AKA: “Java Anonymous Proxy” or An.on. “Anonymity and Privacy – Anonymity is not a crime”

A Cross-platform, free, and very easy-to-use and setup anonymizer for Web browsers. It sends requests through a cascade of encrypting mixes, thereby hiding the origin of any connection.

InfoAnarchy tests of this program found that the JAP network based out of Germany is centralized and occasionally offline. When it is online, the service does an excellent job with speed.

Note: With further TD123 testing as of Oct 12, 2004, it appears this program does not function.

In 2003, JAP was been backdoored by the German BKA (German equivelant for the FBI in the USA) (article here). This backdoor was removed afterwards, but it lead to people distrusting the software.


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