Also see: Window Manager

Home Page: http://kahakai.sourceforge.net (Sourceforge)

Window Manager for <code>*</code>Nix featuring:

“* Preliminary ruby support

  • Window/edge snapping
  • Merged windows (like tabbed windows in pekwm or FluxBox)
  • Transparent window titles and menus with anti-aliased fonts
  • Python scripting (Ruby/Perl support planned) used for configuration
  • Dockapp support
  • Pixmap styles, compatible with Blackbox/Fluxbox/Openbox & Waimea styles
  • Viewports, multiple desktops
  • KDE and GNOME support”

(Shamelessly taken from it’s homepage)

The project seems to haven’t been around for long. It seems to be under heavy development. Kahakai is a fork of Waimea

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