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Acronym: Kf

Table of contents 1 (i) Mission
2 (ii) Practicalities
3 (iii) The Documentation

3.1 1. Definitions and Interconnections
3.2 2. Documented Actions, Practices, Tool-box
3.3 3. Alternatives: Proposed and in Practice
3.4 4. Horizons

4 (iv) Context, Recombinable Matter
(i) Mission

It would be good to add a short description here. Mute have already asked for an article about the project.

As we enter the twentieth century, a paradigm shift in production is resulting in an informationalisation of the sphere of social life. This is taking place simulataneously across the globe as capitalism shapes new technologies to its will in order to utilise the growth in the productive capacity that these changes herald. This is leading to new inequalities, new systems of power and knowledges and new forms of state oppression.

This wiki is intended to debate, contest and create new concepts to contribute to critical thinking and creative action around these issues. To discuss movements in Informational Capitalism and seize potentialities, contradictions and alternative spaces.

(ii) Practicalities

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(iii) The Documentation

Here’s an initial “structure” from someone who hasn’t slept in 24hrs! 😉 In fact as is obvious it’s the beginning of a taxonomy…. but hey…

1. Definitions and Interconnections

copyrights, patents, trademark, trade secrets, Work for Hire, compulsory license, north south effect, biopiracy, TRIPS, WIPO, ITU, spectrum, trusted computing, RFID, broadcast standards, p2p, Kf User Prosecutions Snapshot, end to end, free software, commons, enclosure, scarcity, informational public goods common pool resource, externalities, Sharing, mode of production, immaterial labour, mass intellectuality, collective intellect, advertising, cost of contact, media concentration, counter-information, media activism, collaborative writing, open publishing, media tools, Conversion Tools, free formats

2. Documented Actions, Practices, Tool-box

SKY pay-per-view decryption Rome, Anti-Pub attacks on advertising in Paris, Nike on Karlsplatz Vienna, Circumnavigation Devices, Sklyarov, Hacklabs, Wipo Action, No Border Demo Wipo Wto Iom Geneva, Pirate Mayday Sweden, Telestreet, Instant Blitz Photography X-Debian, Dynebolic, No Software Patents, No Pharmaceutical Patents, GM, RBB Radio Workers Berlin, RAI News24 Italy, Intermittents France, media-concentration, Patents on Seeds Life, Collective Self-defense, Fahrenheit 911 initiatives, Hackmeeting

3. Alternatives: Proposed and in Practice

self-organization, Non-exclusive licenses, technology recycling, free software, voluntary payments, wireless community networks, commons based peer production, Research and Development Treaty, Alternative compensation Systems, video sharing, Free hardware, Spread Spectrum

4. Horizons

Migration The Big Picture, Information Age, Public sphere…….?…….

(iv) Context, Recombinable Matter

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