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Home Page: http://www.konqueror.org

A Free and fast web browser for *Nix KDE systems.

Features include:

  • Fast rendering of web pages as they load
  • Configurable popup blocking (all, none, smart)
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Split page browsing (its possible to split the window horizontally and/or vertically as many times as required, and make links being pressed in one part open in another – useful for a searchbar-like behavior).
  • Sidebar panel extensible with KPart component as well as HTML/javascript.
  • Cookie management and blocking
  • Password management
  • Form completion
  • Developer tools – Dom inspector, javascript console, javascript debugger
  • Support Netscape/Mozilla plugins and Internet Explorer plugins

Konqueror was originally developed as part of KDE as it’s file manager and application framework. It has since become a capable web browser which has competed well with popular browsers.

Konqueror supports all major web standards (CSS, HTML4, XML, etc) and is very portable to other platforms due to the clean API and high-managability of the code base. KHTML – the HTML rendering engine for Konqueror, and KJS – the JavaScript parser for Konqueror, have been used to develop Safari, Apple’s web browser for Mac OS X.

It has also been ported to other platforms, including MS-Windows and portable devices using QtEmbedded so it can run on PDAs. In contrast, the 25 meg footprint of Mozilla is likely to keep it from been ported to small devices any time soon.

As part of the full open-source desktop environment KDE and being not a real browser but an application framework for embedding run-time components using KDE’s KPart technology (a COM like binary component architecture), in addition to being capable of displaying web pages using the KHTML component, it can be used as a file manager to manage information over any IO technology that KDE support (local files, FTP and HTTP comes to mind, but many other exist) and as an image viewer, text viewer, Compressed archive manager, PDF viewer, Document browser, CVS client and any other use for which a KPart exist.


The main development paradigm of Konqueror is not “to be as standards-compliant as possible” like Mozilla, but to be “the most usable web browser”. As such, standards-compliance is important but is not the top priority. More important are speed, stability and conformance to what the web has to offer. If that means implementing non-standards-compliant Internet Explorer extensions, then so be it.

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