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SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/konspire/

A unique, interest-focused cross-platform file sharing system. This open-source network seeks to remedy one of the most common problems of other peer to peer systems: bad or unrelated data. Client/Node can subscribe to channels and receive all incomming files from the channel. Broadcasters can create channels and broadcast files to all the nodes.

Konspire is available in cross-platform Java versions as well as its new version “Kast” developed for individual operating systems. The Java versions use a simple Web browser front-end.

From Konspire’s Web site:

With konspire2b-based apps, you:

  1. subscribe to channels that match your interests
  2. go to bed
  3. wake up in the morning to the files that have arrived on your subscribed channels
  4. feel certain that the files are relevant, thanks to konspire2b’s heavy-duty, automatic, digital signatures
  5. unsubscribe from channels that disappoint you
  6. build trust for a channel owner’s tastes over time (owners are completely responsible for what goes out on their channels)
  7. spend the time that you used to spend searching doing other less frustrating things (see 8 for a suggestion)
  8. start a channel to broadcast your own files

Note: Konspire is in the late-beta stages (and is fairly secure) but has not yet reached 1.0.

Konspire’s earlier implementation (no longer valid):

  • Sourceforge page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/konspire) – (Java) – konspire is similar to OpenNap, with a distributed server architecture. However, while OpenNap spreads a message across the network of servers and each server responds individually to the searching client, konspire tries to maintain a complete index of all files on each server. Therefore, searches are very fast. The network should also be pretty scalable, although it is more attackable than a totally distributed one. (Compromise between scalability and security.)

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Konspire in the real world

  • APN Records (http://www.apnrecords.org/apn/k2bSubscribe.html)

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