LAN Parties

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Computer festivals, mostly involving gaming, of just about any size from 2 to 2,000. LAN Parties are preferable to the Internet as they provide:

  • In real-life social interaction with people who have similar interests (gaming, hacking, security, warez).
  • Decreased “Ping” times, or the response time from computer to computer, can be reduced to as much as a few milliseconds. This means there is almost no discernible delay in actions from computer to computer. This is an advantage in games like first person shooters as no one has an edge over anyone else. Normally Internet-connected games have varing ping times and some users with thus have an edge over others.
  • More bandwidth is available (for exchanging large files or warez).

LAN Parties are often among friends and involve late-night play, competition and caffeine.

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