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A language is a common communication protocol, used to convey an expression, opinion or other idea, usually with words. Language is used to convey meaning, and express truth, typically by the logic of the spoken or written word to convey facts.

Language which is used to manipulate large numbers of people is called propaganda. Some language can be offensive or derogatory.

Linguistic Checks and Barriers

If you have used a program to chat with others around the world, you may be aware that there is a great language divide. Language barriers create inhibitors to trust and the understanding of another users reputation, while also blocking any meaningful dialogue.

Linguistic keys are harder to keep because people can communicate with euphemisms, acronym or other ways and continue conversation despite keyword filtering, surveillance or censorship. A good example of this was the file renaming that occured when Napster originally tried to unsuccessfully block copyrighted exchanges.

There are many different codes to exchange information which require specific learning and translation to be comprehended before processing occurs. Some problems for real-time speech analysis, automatic language translation and other digital language processing tasks include dialects, accents, background noise and other various limitations.

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