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To add linkage, or to linkify, is to add a pointer from one page or file to another. This can be done in HTML, in Wiki, in the console and other ways.

The web, weblogs, wikis and all hypertext allow the user to create connections between links of both content and the location of content of computer networks. These Internet phenomena frequently feature linkage as part of their content to add detailed meaning with more information. This is an intergral feature of hypermedia.

Linkage from a popular website to a small server can result in the small server being overrun and it’s bandwidth resources exhausted. This is called the Slashdot Effect for the techy Slashdot website that often showcases the new and unique (and often ill-prepared for the resulting popularity).


The legality of Linkage in the USA was also debated in the case of the 2600 magazine vs. the MPAA for merely linking to the DVD cracking software, DeCSS.

“…a legal dispute that could dictate whether it’s legal to publish or link to certain materials online.”


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