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Logic is a set of theories in Science dealing with formal principles of reasoning and thought. Logic is used as prescriptive system of reasoning which guides actions that ought to be made and which inferenceinferences are authentic. Logic can help explain the details of emerging scientific behaviour. Logical thinking is often associated with competance as with the Real Hacker, with Wisdom or Enlightenment as it is the ontological language of truth.

There have been those who have said that if it were possible to design a means of communicating logically, somewhat like mathematics, then argument could become a matter of arranging words like formulae, allowing a sort of perfection in expressing ideas.

Logic is important for debate and discussion because, in theory a strong argument has premises and conclusions which are logical. Logic allows for the formal construction of certain premises from which valid arguments can be based.

If an argument is logical, one can deduce that true premises lead to true conclusions in all cases. If an argument is not logical in its construction true premises can lead to conclusions which are incorrect.

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