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Home Page: http://winlop.sourceforge.net (Sourceforge)

A Win32 port of Lopster. Although it is in an early alpha status it implements almost all features of lopster1.2.0-dev26. It is not stable enough to be run unattended 24/7 because of Windows socket problems between different Windows versions plus GLib bugs.

The first attempt to port it was done by Sid4U, who released the first (0.1a) port before getting too busy at work to keep going. Daniel K. O. then fixed some bugs in the port, and released the 0.3 to 0.6 ports. Now both Sid and Daniel seems to be working togheter on it.

The head programmer of Lopster (Sgop) has stated that he won’t give support to this port, but will eventually accept patches to the CVS when the port becomes more mature.

Other ports have been reported by use of Cygwin libraries. Also, Lopster may work directly through Cygwin, though the official GTK+ 1.3 builds are not meant to run under Cygwin.

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