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Home Page: http://lopster.sourceforge.net (Sourceforge)

Lopster is a multi-source multi-server multi-segment GTK client used for OpenNap and SlavaNap servers.

Most recently, Lopster has made itself multi-server multi-source capable, allowing the user to specify a file and have it searched across multiple networks seamlessly. A download is then broken up into pieces and downloaded from multiple sources.

Lopster also has a Windows 32bit port which is being created as a fork from the main Lopster branch. Sgop, the Lopster head programmer, has said that he will not be distracted from programming the *nix version and isn’t collaborating with the porting person/team.


  • Hangman’s Place: Lopster CVS (http://www.cactuz.org/hangman/comp/lopster/lopster-cvs-install.html) – A guide to compile and install the Lopster development version (CVS)

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