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Lulu is a middleware service for authors of work (‘artists‘) to people who are interested (‘users‘) and vice versa, by Lulu, Inc. Instead of regular services, like big labels of *AA (RIAA, MPAA or equivelant) or other major publishers, Lulu respects the freedom and economic related rights, concerns of the author more so than the *AA. At the moment of writing graphics, audio and written artwork can be sold via Lulu.

It works as follows:

  • Its free to publish on Lulu;
  • The author sets the price;
  • Lulu earns a commision (%) of each item sold;

Its not immediately clear from the website how much the commision is however its known the RIAA charges a 95% commision. lulu might be of interest to artists who are just starting, otherwise don’t lack quality, and/or want to develop a name.

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