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Origin: “mail” + “leet” terms.

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Maileet is a tool for sending and receiving files even if the peers are behind firewalls. It utilized mail servers to pass through firewalls and save bandwidth by sending files to many recipients using only one upload.

Maileet is not a file sharing network, but a means of transferring files to an individual or a group without worrying about firewalls, file sizes, and bandwidth waste. This method has a variety of benefits over other methods:

  • File Size – Transfer any size file. Even if your Mailbox size is tiny, Maileet cuts the file into small segments and manages the transfer. The recipient’s client will download the file segment by segment.
  • One Upload-Multi Downloads – You can send a file to many recipients with only one single upload. Sending a file to your associates has never been easier.
  • Firewalls – Send and receive files even if you are behind the meanest firewall.
  • Ubiquious – Since virtually every computer accepts e-mail, regardless of configuration, this is a great method to transfer large files.
  • Speed – Maileet compresses each segment before sending. The upload and download are from your ISP, not your individual computer, so speeds are quite good. Also, because both computers may interrupt a connection via Chat Clients or file sharing system, this option is much more robust.
  • Bandwidth – Many ISPs don’t count the bandwidth you take when you access your mail box, so if you have a bandwidth limit on downloads, Maileet is ideal.

Once received, the Maileet client downloads the segments and combines them back.

Version 1.3 :

The new version also supports “direct send” so you can send a file even without an SMTP server. Read more. (Thanks to acegik)

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