Mailing List

See also: E-Mail | Newsgroups

  1. A number of people available to send e-mail to with a common interest, usually kept private.
  2. A service that allows regular or occasional news and information to be sent to your address.

The best mailing lists automatically allow an opt-out feature so that no individual must keep track of who wants e-mail.

Many Web Server services allow the use of a mailing list. This list is then automated by a program known on UNIX systems as majordomo.

Tested services include:

  • Yahoo! Groups – free but attaches an advertisement at the base of every sent e-mail. Includes a variety of other ad-supported functions such as calendar and

For a list of available mailing lists to sign up for:

Check the mailing list’s privacy policy to make sure your information is not available to spammers.

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