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Welcome to the infoAnarchy wiki!

A wiki is a collection of web pages that anyone (including you!) can edit. This wiki contains information related to file sharing, copyright, the gift economy, cyber liberties, peer to peer research, information tools, and similar topics. All content contributed is in the public domain except where otherwise noted. (A basic log in creation is required to help avoid Wiki Spam.)

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At present, we have 2,169 articles.

The Infoanarchist’s Handbook

Searching for music, applications, and other files of interest — Using Instant Messaging, Using File Sharing Networks, Using the Web, How to Search, Using Usenet, Using IRC
Staying anonymousAnonymous Web Surfing, Anonymous Usenet Posting, Anonymous E-Mail
Protecting your privacyEncrypting your: e-mail, Chat, Encrypting Your File Sharing, Files, Network Links, Getting rid of spyware, Getting rid of pop-ups, Obscurity

Peer-to-Peer Journalism and collaborative writing

Collaboration termsCollaborative filtering, Collaborative writing, Content management system, Moderation, Peer-To-Peer Journalism, Scorefile, Weblog, Wiki Wiki Web
Content management and collaborative journalism systemsActive2, Drupal, Scoop, Slashcode, PHPNuke, PostNuke, WikiWiki Software, Xoops, Typo3
Collaborative writing websitesDrop.Org, Indymedia, infoAnarchy, Kuro5hin, Wikipedia, Recyclopedia, Consumerium, Disinfopedia, Metaweb, Empathy Collective
Bot BloggingChump, Daily Chump, Distributed secure Blogging, #infoanarchy

Peer-to-Peer Protocols, Applications, and file sharing

Major File Sharing ApplicationsBlubster, eDonkey2000 (and related), DirectConnect and Gnucleus, Ares, Tesla, Winny, BitTorrent and various clients like Exeem and Azureus
Open or Reverse-Engineered File-Sharing ProtocolsAlpine, The Circle, Freenet, giFT, GNUnet, Gnutella, Mnet, Napster / OpenNap, WASTE, MUTE, ENTROPY, ANts
Major Classes Of Peer-To-Peer Applications — Distributed file sharing, Distributed file storage, Distributed computing, Distributed hash table
Development — GnucDNA, The Gnutella Developer Forum
Websites & News — infoAnarchy, P2P Net, Filedonkey.Com, Slashdot,,, Streamerp2p.Com,, V2V, PeerCast.Org, Secure Tunneling, Afterdawn, MP3 Newswire, OpenP2P, Infoshop
Internet Radio: Enemy Combatant Radio, Off The Hook

Peer-to-Peer-Related Problem Areas

Terms — File sharing, Data haven, Hash-Link, Rating, Reputation, Trust, Troubleshooting, Performance, Measure, Identification, Closed Source, Documentation
Software Problems — Adware, Spyware, Scumware, Vaporware, Bugs, Bottleneck, Footprint, Legacy, User Interface, Trojan Horse, Backdoor, Virus, Worm, Exploit
MetadataBitzi, MusicBrainz, TorrentSpy
Integration, Standards, Frameworks, LanguagesKademlia, Tristero, BEEP, REBOL, .NET, Mono, Semantic Web, WxWindows, Hailstorm, GNUe
Payment Systems — OpenDBS, Paypal, E-Gold, GoldMoney, Affero, Worldpay
Complementary Currency Systems (similar but different to Barter) — Time Dollars, Hash Cash
Work Systems — Working Openly, Gift Economy, Mutual Aid, Collective, Cooperative
DataGift Economy Data, Peer-To-Peer Growth Data
Common File formats, Platforms, Toolkits And Libraries, Architectures, Processors, Filesystems, Models

Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, and Cyber-Liberties

Terms — Copyleft, Copyright, Patent, Public Domain, Trademark, Intellectual Property, Free speech, Free, Digital Rights Management, Fair Use, Prior Art
Laws and Treaties — DMCA, CDA, CBDTPA, World Copyright Treaty, TRIPS, Berne Convention, EUCD
Historic Cases — Supreme Court VCR hearing, Free Kevin, Eldred v. Ashcroft, etc.
Friends And EnemiesCivil liberty, fair use, and freedom of speech advocates versus corporations, John Ashcroft, and a moronic patent law system.
The Halls Of The Dead — Where we mourn the loss of those things which have passed. P2P Clients, Websites, etc.

Information Tools

Conversion Tools – from one file format to another
Operating System(s) — BeOS, BSD, DOS, ELKS, GNU/Hurd, OS/2, GNU/Linux (Linux), Macintosh, Minix, QNX, ReactOS, Solaris, Symbian OS, Windows
NewsreadersPan, Agent, Xnews, Mozilla Mail/News, Newsbin, Gnus, Usenet Binaries
Chat ClientsInternet Relay Chat, Instant Messenger, Persistent Online Worlds, Tele/Videoconferencing, social networking
E-mail clients and GroupwareEvolution, Eudora, KMail, Mahogany, Mutt, Pegasus, Pine, Sylpheed, Chandler, Mozilla Mail/News, Foxmail, Gnus
Editorscream, Emacs, jEdit, NoteTab (Windows), nedit, Treepad, vi/vim
OfficeOpenOffice, KOffice, Word Perfect, Microsoft Office
Web browsersArachne, Dillo, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Links, Lynx, OmniWeb, Opera, Safari, Skipstone, w3m, Gecko-Based Browsers: K-Meleon, Netscape Navigator, Firefox, Mozilla, Galeon, Camino.
FTP ClientsFileZilla
Web filters (Ad-Filters, selective site banning, etc): FilterProxy, Internet Junkbuster, Muffin, Privoxy (GPL), The Proxomitron (Windows), WebCleaner, Swiftsurf
Web cachesSquid, SmartCache, Dijjer
Adware/Spyware*RemovalAdAware, Spybot, Spychecker
Firewall/Proxy circumvention — Corkscrew, Cryptcat, Httptunnel, Netcat, PuTTY, stunnel, VTun
Other circumvention — Cracks And Serials
Audio/Video SoftwareWinamp, XMMS, iTunes, STP, Real Player, Audacity, VLC, Zinf

Other Popular Subjects

As a wiki, contributors are free to go on wild tangents. We have been blessed by a significant number of contributions in a range of interesting fields:

Art, Culture, Economics, Games, Music, Movies, Television
GovernmentPolitics, Ideology, Activism
Mass media, Journalism, Information and Activism Websites
Internet Trends — a list of recent Internet Innovations that are worth keeping an eye on
ReligionEvil, Bad Guys, Oppression and the Holy Grail
Sayings — common internet abbreviations
Science — including Technology, Communications and Knowledge
VegetarianismVeganism, Ethics and Environmentalism

infoAnarchy Pages

Donations — Tracking donations and expenditures (inactive).
infoAnarchy Requests For EnhancementRFEs and chatter about how iA’s iA Wiki can be improved.
iA Wiki Talk — General discussion on the content of this Wiki.
iA Wiki Culture — social elements specific to this wiki.
Name Pages — An attempt to maintain a list of the individuals who have personal “Name Pages” on this wiki, usually regular contributors.

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