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A popular, commercial Linux distribution, developed as a competitor for RedHat in the home and small buisnes arena. It is based in France and has commercial offerings in the North America through business partners and in the rest of the world through their online shop.

In addition to any of the commercial boxed packages, Mandrake offers a 3 CD download version of their distibution for free from any of their mirror servers (available from their web site). This version is completly free, fully open-source and contains a complete usable operating system comparable to other Linux distributions.

Mandrake highlight ease of use for the home user as well as for the system administrator and focus their efforts on creating graphical and easy to use installation, administration and managment interfaces for the desktop and server.

Mandrake Linux tend to prefer cutting-edge software releases over tried and tested old revisions and so is considered less stable then the competition.


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