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Maths is a science based on the measurement of the quantity and size of objects. Mathematics has been described as the universal language, because it is a language of code, which can be used in many areas fields and areas of knowledge. Mathematics is often taught early on in one’s Education.

Math is able to verify calculations, make predictions and determine the properties of structures, with the use of laws representing constant truth. Laws once determined can be applied across a broad set of justifications consistantly. This reliability allows for the scientific application and reliable reputation that quantitative analysis nnd research provides.

Many people do not have the ability to judge the quantitativity of objects, that is, the ability to comprehend one measure or indicator that distinguishes its particular characteristics from others. Exponential Notation is one of a number of methods used to indicate numbers.

Computers are a superb calculating machine, helping users deal with the complexity of numerical processing. One major mathematical application in the field of communication theory is the development of cryptography for security purposes. The mathematical compression of files for transmission online has greatly benefitted file sharing.

Correlation and Probability

The behaviour of a probabilistic system cannot be predicted exactly but the probability of certain behaviours is known. A statistical analysis can give insight into future possibilities as can a logistical model.

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