Born in ’60 in Berlin, grown up in West-Berlin. German Writer, Internet-Activist. Speaks German, English and a bit Italian. Works on an Interwiki under common administration to unite wikis and create a basic-anarchic platform for collective intelligence to unfold. See idea for a better use of human intelligence (links discussions for further info in German)


see Basic-Anarchic Infinite Complexity Whirl Of Meaning Flash Mob Zauber Interwiki

see also dicussion on Meatball

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IRC #wiki, #wiki-de, #esp

Hi, I tried on WikiNode. Hope it’s ok. My old homepage here is gone, right? — MattisManzel

I checked the edit history – I don’t know why its gone. I don’t generally touch other people’s Name Pages (nor should anyone else), even if they’ve been gone for more than 90 days. Webfork
Your old homepage is still available on Mattis.

Copied over and deleted the old, thanks webfork. I’ll go on WikiNode later.

Do you know IRC, Webfork and the others? IRC Internet Relay Chat. You install an IRC Client, log into a freenode server, enter #wiki?, there’s also #wiki-de now, and they are all around there. Receintly we have rewritten the Mission Statement of CommunityWiki in a common effort discussing it simultaneously on IRC. It’s really great. The combination of IRC and wiki is tremendous. cu — MattisManzel

Thanks for the tip about IRC and wikis. Some people swear by IRC over p2p for downloading files, but I prefer a GUI instead of text, so I don’t use IRC. Good luck with your anarchist plans. Hating the language barrier… – ABliss

Thanks ABliss.

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