Mike’s Protocol

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Mike’s Protocol (Or MP, for short) is a way which some gnutella proponents refer to the Gnutella2 protocol, as Michael Stokes, the lead developer of Shareaza, developed it himself, without peer-review. Some gnutella proponents were insulted because it took its name off gnutella and see it less as a version enhancement, but simply as a marketing ploy, and thus see Mike’s Protocol as related to gnutella as FastTrack or eDonkey2000 is.

The proposed successor to the Gnutella file sharing protocol, attempting to solve many of the inherent problems from the original Gnutella, such as having to have backwards compatibility, with really old clients, wasting bandwidth on flood queries, and losing downloads.

It has proven to be very promising and networking specifications are available to the public at the home page. These public specs are quite new, so only a few clients currently support it:

Many active contributors to other Gnutella projects believe that the name “Gnutella 2” is misleading and unfair, because Gnutella2 is the design of a single individual working in private (Ironically, the same way the original Gnutella was created. Thank you, Mr. Frankel). The name “Gnutella 2” may lead people to believe that it is the product of the cooperative, open effort to incrementally improve the original Gnutella, or that it is an official successor to the Gnutella protocol used by other projects. Such contributors refer to Gnutella 2 as Mike’s Protocol.

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