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AKA: Filtering, Blocking

Filtering and moderation are topics which are close enough in intent as to be combined into one topic.

Moderation and filtering are concepts whereby a control entity has the power to censor according to their preferences. This power is used to avoid or remove persons or items which are extreme or innappropriate, and also to enforce rules and limits, as well as to censor content a moderator does not prefer to see because of bias or zealotry.

It is primarily seen to remove graffiti from a wiki, to filter posts from fora, newsgroups or e-mail. It could also be used to force topical entries, or to ban some users from participation. Those so banned are often called an Abuser, Troll or other such Bad Guy name.

Moderation became a hot topic in arlier online communities such as IRC, and more recently can be seen in Weblogs like Slashdot or Kuro5hin. Moderation is widely seen in public collaboration such as a wiki, or in any area where membership is reasonably unrestricted. Filtering has become widely known and used thanks to spammed ads seen via e-mail and newsgroups.

Through time and trials, moderation and filtering have matured into reasonably effective control systems.

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