Mojo Nation

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Mojo Nation was intended to be an anonymized file sharing system where nodes had points known as mojo. Nodes gained mojo for uploading data and spent points to download. Points could be transfered between users so it was possible for users that wanted to download without uploading to buy points from users who controlled nodes that uploaded a lot. It used an encrypted filestore similar to freenet.It was possible for a node to offer more points than normal in return for rare content.

The points system required a trusted central authority. The central authority was the Mojo Nation developers however anyone could have set up their own servers, release their own version of the software and tried to get people to use it.

Mojo Nation required users to spend points to insert files into the network.This frequently resulted in criticism from people who read the webpage and failed to understand how it worked.

Mojo Nation gave a small number of points to newly installed copys of Mojo Nation to allow users to get started. This might have been abused by clever leechers had it ever become popular.

The Mojo Nation developer discontinued the project in 2001 when the company ran out of money.

The Mojo Nation technology was repurposed to be a commercial backup system for company LAN‘s that takes advantage of the fact the many machines contain the same files eg Microsoft Windows system files and that company computers often have large amounts of free disk space distributed across many computers. Hivecache (

The project also spawned the Mnet project.

Trivia: Bram Cohen previously worked on Mojo Nation.

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