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Although formerly a spyware-ridden Gnucleus clone, its Web site claims spyware has been removed and many new features have been added including Anti-Virus and File Wipe tools. It now also claims to connect to multiple networks, including KaZaA, Gnutella, G2, Overnet, and iMesh.

Morpheus used to be an extremely popular twin of Kazaa, and in fact used the exact same code as Kazaa except with different spyware. It was booted out of Kazaa’s network in 2002, and now operates on the Gnutella network.


Morpheus is the first client to include a new network, NEOnet, a distributed hash table. According to, some of the features enabled by NEOnet technology are:

  • No Search Horizon – complete and total visibility and availability of information on the network
  • No Bandwidth Hogging Super Peers
  • Drastically reduced delivery times – minimized upload bandwidth and maximized downstream bandwidth for large content files including videos, games, and software.
  • Access the most high-quality files with lower probability of fake and spoofed files.
  • NEOnet technology is self-organizing and autonomous


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