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Here are some movies recommended for download or rental that might be of interest to the infoAnarchy community.

Let’s try to keep the list somewhat relevant.

  • Hackers ( – a humorous movie featuring a group of hip, stylized hackers. Many quotes from the film have been adopted by real-life hackers who don’t take themselves to seriously.
  • SLC Punk ( – a funny, yet serious movie about a young hardcore punk in Salt Lake City who, over time, starts to realize that his life of anarchy and rebellion might not be the best way to change the world.
  • Brazil – A vision of a dystopic future where bureaucracy has become everything, a simple typo can get you killed, and the only means of escape is to delude yourself into thinking you’re living a life away from reality. By Terry Gilliam of Monty Python.
  • Blade Runner
  • The Net
  • Lawnmower Man ( – Not recommended.
  • Hippies From Hell ( – Documentary. “Hippies from Hell are a group of hackers, techies, artists, writers and puzzlers. In the eighties they published hacker magazine Hacktic ( and in 1993 they started the first Dutch Internet-provider, xs4all (, thus opening the Internet for the general public”. Freely, legally downloadble. Bandwidth donated by Waag Society (
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey (, by Stanley Kubrick. A movie from 1968 about a space adventure in which the supercomputer HAL plays a key role. Can the supercomputer be trusted? Characterized by the open end, the philophical aspect, and beautiful art – both audio and visually.
  • Freedom Downtime ( – the 2600 documentary about the Free Kevin (Mitnick) movement, and the lamentable and inaccurate ‘Takedown’ (Good line in FD – Takedown, the book: Number of crimes documented – 2. Number of meals documented – 47) Get the poor quality .ram files from It’s okay, 2600 don’t mind you DLing this, but buy it if you can (DVD version due soon)…you need Real Player or Real Alternative to view the .ram files.
  • Lockpicking at H2K2 and H2K with Barry ‘The Key’ Wels ( – both films feature the now standard lockpicking forum from the last 2 HOPE conferences. H2K2 is especially worth checking out if you attend an American high school with those master combination locks on the lockers… =)
  • BBC’s Adam Curtis: The Power of Nightmares ( – “The Power of Nightmares assesses whether the threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion.” Not only that, it also documents the rise of Christian and Islamitic fundamentalists. I saw it on a film festival, highly recommended — dpi

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