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Plugins for Mozilla that allow a variety of different Web, E-Mail, and Interface features. Some are gradually being integrated into the browser itself such as MultiZilla (

  • Most downloads are small, only a 10-100 kilobytes and do not take long to download or install.
  • Some plugins are in the early stages of development and damage the browser or prevent start up. Please note the front page for any warnings.
  • Most plugins require the browser be re-started. If you would like to see the effects of your tool without losing a number of tabs, select “Bookmarks” – “Bookmark this Group of Tabs” and then restart the browser and select that bookmark.

Our list and description is below. For a complete list, visit ( for a list of all active projects (

Table of contents 1 Categories

1.1 Web Developer
1.2 Security
1.3 Navigation
1.4 Other


Web Developer

  • Web Developer ( – a must-have tool with extensive controls for images, text, validators, forms, and much more. Available for Firefox and Mozilla.
  • PrefBar ( – One of the best Mozilla plugins. Turn images, fonts, cookies, Java/Javascript, Flash and more and more on and off like a switch in a customizable toolbar. (Mozilla only)
  • IE View ( Viewing pages specifically written for Internet Explorer? View pages or right-click on links to look at in the other browser. (Windows only)
  • PNH Developer Toolbar ( – an additional toolbar containing a collection of tools that web page builders may find helpful. Among them: hide & show style sheets, apply your own external style sheet, highlight many HTML elements, resize Window to specific dimensions for testing, highlight form information, and view page cookies.
  • LiveHTTPHeaders ( adds information about the HTTP headers – Provides help debugging web applications, allows you to see which kind of web server the remote site is using, and lets you see the cookies sent by remote site.
  • Checky ( – a front-end to many different free and commercial online validaton and analysis services that can help users build better Web pages.


  • Backup ( – A tool for backing up all e-mail and other browser elements sorely missing from Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer.
  • Enigmail ( – enable secure e-mail using PGP/GPG (must have GPG installed, see the help section). A tutorial ( is also available.
  • BookSync ( – for quickly synchronizing bookmarks in different locations
  • RefSpoof ( – Referrer Spoofing (partly available in PrefBar ( allowing enhanced privacy.


  • Leech ( – download an entire page/site. A front-end for the “wget” command.
  • MultiZilla ( – Powerful tabbed-browsing tool that has only been partly integrated ( into Mozilla. Download this plugin for more features (
  • Diggler ( – clear current URL or search sub-directories quickly as well as dig through remote Web site directories and FTP connections.
  • Linky ( – want more power over what loads up when you click on a link? Right-click and get a menu with a variety of loading options.
  • Optimoz project ( – Provides Mouse Gestures ( allowing faster execution of common commands such as Back, Forward, Bookmarks (…) with slight mouse movents, and a Radial context menu ( replacement.


  • Mycroft ( – Increasing choice of your favorite default search engine.
  • NewsAlert ( – Get breaking news from various sites in Mozilla
  • CardGames ( – a single extension that includes a number of card games for you to play
  • Linky ( – Opens all links in a selection in new tabs or windows, Finds and opens links in plain text in a new tab or window, Opens all links on page in new tabs or windows, Download all links, etc.
  • Bookmarklets ( – free tools to help with repetitive or otherwise impossible tasks in your web browser. For instance, allowing the loading all images linked from a page (great for thumbnail galleries), zappig plugins, showing hidden form fields, sorting table columns, etc. A variety of nifty tools for different browsers, including Netscape 4.79, Opera and IE.
  • QuickPrefs ( – a right-click menu for faster access to preferences without using yet another toolbar.
  • Adblock ( – extensions containing an easy to use ad-blocker

Over time, some of the above extensions may be included or partially included in Mozilla by default:

  • NeedleSearch ( – integrated into Mozilla, but more information on customizing searching from the toolbar is found here.
  • SpellChecker ( – already added into Mozilla’s core as of 1.4.1 and is already a part of the standalone Thunderbird mail client. Taken from the OpenOffice spell-checking tool. Note: tested and very useful.
  • EasySearch (
  • Mess (

There are more plugins available at here and others reported on MozillaZine ( and (

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