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Informal WishList by Mozilla users

Feel free to add a feature or capability not currently available. Please don’t delete requests if they are added to Mozilla and instead link to information about it. Discussions not regarding desired features should go in Talk:Mozilla.

A similar Wishlist is available for Mozilla Firefox and EMule/Wishlist

Formatting Example

  • Problem: I’m on a slow modem. I want Mozilla to download files that don’t interfere with my surfing.
Solution found: Silent Download

Wish List

  • Problem: SpellCheck for dialogue boxes, not just Composer like the IESpell program for IE.
Solution: GoogleBar. –Mongolito404
  • Problem: No “404” or “The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded” messages… something more descriptive or some kind of auto-search capability/option. Advanced users, admittedly, don’t mind but a lot of beginners are used to seeing this on IE and are discouraged by error messages.
  • Problem: The “Block Images” bit is great and I want more controls over Flash windows which are often even more distracting (unless its blinking red-white-red-white “You won!”). Webfork
Partial solution: Mozilla Prefbar allow you to “kill” flash on the active web page. –Mongolito404
(That Mozilla Prefbar kicks ass. That should be default in the install. Webfork)


  • For God’s sake PLEASE BUILD IN THE MULTPLE PROFILES FEATURE and make it EASY TO USE!!!! No command line geek stuff!!! I cannot understand why the developers are planning to remove this excellent feature, and furthermore, why they have progressively made it more difficult to use (eg removing it from the start menu). Incomprehensible! Mystifying! Leave the bloody thing in!

Would be nice:

  • More responsive “Stop” button. Seems often to wait for the page and not let the user interrupt processing/downloading. Rarely a big issue, even on slower computers but would still be nice.
  • Favorite Feature by Default: the middle-button click or ctrl+click for “open in another tab” in background should show up by default. This is my favorite feature (usually configured in preferences) and is perfect for slow connections (click and load in background while looking at other material).
  • For the following error to be resolved: The “random” profile directory allows users to be more easily distinguished, if abused by malicious code (mentioned on the Issues page). This error has resulted in Sy discontinuing use.
I am now using FireFox, primarily because of their rethink of their entire philosophy. I still strongly despise the random profile directory and especially their handling of it. —Sy
  • Download entire Web site. Robot similar to IE‘s Web Archive file save-as function to dump entire Web sites in an archive (possibly allowing for a finite number of levels deep) would be fantastic. Allowing simple zip compression would be even better but probably in the “down the road” catagory.
  • Better skins that aren’t dependant on which specific version you have (1.3.1, 1.4, 1.5b, etc). Firebird is currently doing this quite well.
  • Settings Packaging. Download and keep your e-mail, settings, bookmarks, plugins (?) and either backup or transport your profile in a compressed zip-file.
  • Solution: Backup (but Windows only)
  • E-Mail Packaging. Similar to the above entry. Packaging of ALL e-mail messages as well into one portable file or singular directory would be killer. I’m always trying to back up my e-mail and this is always much harder than it should be unless I’m using Eudora on a Macintosh. With Outlook, this is exceedingly hard, regardless of OS, and you usually have to buy extra software to do it.
    • Putting this function under “Tools” menu: “Backup” -> “Profile” -> “All Settings and E-Mail” button would be ideal.

Down the road:

  • Extended Save As: Shift+click for automatic save-as should be extended into shift+ctrl+click for queued download. In other words, hold the key combination and click multiple links (such as pictures or archives). Once ctrl+shift is let go, all archives begin downloading in sequencial order.
  • Detailed History. Including *every* interation of change over the life of a document (such as a News web site or here on iA)
  • Wipe Cache. Not just a “Clear Cache, Cookies, etc” but “File Wipe Cache” … not hard to impliment and available for many for-pay privacy cleaning tools. Nice extra feature for the paranoid and not requiring much code.
  • Graphical History and how documents inter-relate:

Lost Caves — Gift Shop


Home Page –

  • Toolbar Buddy – that includes a quick menu of links as well as the quicklaunch. Why merely start Mozilla when you can start with a favorite page? Or, in Firebird, which doesn’t need quicklaunch, a small toolbar that remains in memory until specifically quit like programs behave in OS X so that the browser doesn’t quit when the “X” in the corner is accidentally hit.
  • Graphical FTP handling (like or integrated with Filezilla).


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