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Here is some music recommended for download or purchase that might be of interest to the infoAnarchy community.

Let’s try to keep the list somewhat relevant.

  • Chemical Brothers – Surrender – One of the more recent “electronic” music albums with purely electronic sounds (not rock or hip-hop-electronic hybrid) created almost entirely by computer equipment and commercially accepted.
  • Chumbawamba – more than just that “tub thumper” song. Chumbawamba is actually an anarchist collective from England! They say that their brief time in the spotlight was intended to allow them to raise awareness for their politics. They also say that it was a complete disaster.
  • Negativland – Use ‘found art’ utilising samples and advocate free sampling of their music. Also had a forum at the last HOPE conference, H2K2 – audio files from that available at
  • SAF – Hardcore/punk. Most lyrics in English, a few in Dutch. They tour quite a lot in Europe!
  • Sub Rosa – One of the first ambient and industrial music labels. They have re-released some of the defunct Rough Trade catalog. Located in Belgium.
  • oto computer music artist from sub rosa.
  • DCT – Tekno / Noise from Czechia. Atmospheric, not very hard, dancable.
  • Infect Insect – Goa noise / experimental psychedelic trance from France.

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